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​IICRC® WRT-ASD COMBO - $1,295.00

​Instructor - Bryan Brainerd

The Water Damage Restoration Technician / Applied Structural Drying (WRT/ASD) course combines subject matter of WRT and ASD courses in one training period.  The course must be completed in its entirety and both exams must be passed during the same period.

If any portion of the combined course or any of the exams are not completed during the period, the participant will be required to retake the entire course.  No portion of this combination course may be applied to single WRT or ASD courses taught individually.  This combined course will enable the participant to obtain IICRC-WRT and IICRC-ASD certification.

The Combo course is conducted over a 5 day period encompassing 31 hours of actual course instruction with additional time required for exam periods, lunch and meal breaks.

There is a test fee of $65.00, payable directly to IICRC® on the final day of the course, prior to receiving your certificate.

Lunches and snacks are provided.

Be sure to read our Registration Terms & Conditions for more information on cancellation and refund policies​


WRT  (IICRC)                                  ASD  (IICRC)                        BOTH
3 Days                                                 3 Days                                     6 Days
$450                                                     $1095                                     $1520

*At Restoration Academy, we facilitate a 4 day WRT and a 4 Day ASD to add extra time for hands on and extra time for the exam. 
COMBO – 2 Certificates $1,295.00  – Get the most for the money