Available Dates

Oct 11, 2018 - Oct 12, 2018 

Fireline Training

Instructor: Chris Davis

Raise your Bottom Line!

Many restoration companies have put their contents operations on the back burner. If you're an Owner, GM or Division Manager of a restoration company this class is a must attend.

This workshop presents attendees with a Modern Day Contents Restoration Business Model for successful Contents Restoration. You'll be exposed to new methodologies and strategies that when implemented will have an immediate effect on your bottom line.

Managing and organizing all phases of your contents operation is key to service consistency and profitability. This Fireline workshop will put your contents operations on the road to service efficiency and greater prosperity.

 Workshop Highlights:

How to apply effective Management and Job strategies for immediate efficiency increases.
Precision Packouts; Organizational procedures and Protocols that will streamline the packout for maximum productivity.
Production line methodologies for extracting seamless and continuous flow of production
Understanding and applying Xactimate strategies for 2017 specific to contents - includes invoice optimization, proper estimating procedures and estimating techniques.
Performance through team building, installing and implementing management structures that motivate and enhance contents team capabilities.

ICCRC Certified Course
for 2 CE Credits

What people are saying about this class:

"From start to finish, you have affected the entire outcome and success of our future Contents work. The words smooth and seamless, come to mind. On behalf of PLM, and the insurance companies we will do business with, Thank you Chris Davis and Thank you Fireline! One more thing, I know you said it was not an equipment seminar and guess what, when we do add in ultrasonics it will be with the Fireline system, because you guys absolutely understand the Contents Restoration business."

 Most Sincerely,

Jim Sprouse
Operations Manager, PLM