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  American Bio-Recovery Association Crime/Trauma Scene Bio-Recovery Technician Course and 10 HR OSHA $1100.00 (Class Size is Limited)
Instructor: Bob O'Connor
10 HR OSHA is required, don't have it no worries, Bob will provide OSHA Thursday afternoon and complete Friday.
This course covers:
1. Intro to Microbiology                              
    10. Specialty Equipment & Supplies                      
2. Intro to Disease                                             11. Chemicals of Bio Recovery
3. Orientation to Bloodborne Pathogens   12. Containment of sharps & waste, medicine found
4. Protecting yourself on the job                        on the worksite
5. Intro to HAZCOM & SDS                               13. Bio Hazard Cleanup
6. Confined Space Operations                        14. Decomposition & its odors
7. Lockout tagout procedures                        15. Transport of waste
8. Other related hazards                                  16. Crime Scenes
9. Bio Recovery Equipment & Supplies         17. Dealing with Family & Survivors
Completion of the class the attendee may take the ABRA exam for an additional $150.00 made payable to the ABRA.